Blue HOPE is privileged to have the support of several well-known individuals who enthusiastically represent Blue HOPE in their role as Ambassadors. By sharing openly about their personal experiences and the work of Blue HOPE, they are a valuable example of hope, strength and encouragement to others.



Tim Britten

Tim Britten CV was born in Western Australia April 1969 and attended Duncraig primary and High schools. He worked several years in shearing teams before joining the West Australian Police force in 1994. He is currently a Sergeant with the West Australian Police.

He has been a Police Officer for over 22 years and has worked in a large variety of locations including a six-month deployment to East Timor as part of the Australian Federal Police peace keeping mission and ten years with the Tactical Response Group.

Prior to joining the WA Police, Sergeant Britten served as an infantry solider in the 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment from 1988 to 1991 followed by a further 6 years with the Army Reserves 11/28 Battalion in West Australia.

At approximately 11.30pm on 12 October 2002, following a terrorist bombing in Bali, Constable Timothy Britten placed his life in danger by repeatedly entering the burning Sari Club to rescue a seriously injured woman and to search for survivors.

Sergeant Britten, who was on secondment to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in East Timor, was in Bali on leave. As he walked to his hotel, he heard an explosion that he recognised as a bomb blast. He immediately ran approximately 800 metres toward the Sari Club, through narrow streets blocked by hundreds of panicking people fleeing the site. The Sari Club was reduced to a burning shell and large numbers of burned and seriously injured people were lying on the roadway and footpath.

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Brendon Bullock

Brendon was a member of the New South Wales Police force for 15 years earning the rank of Detective Senior Constable. As a former Detective, Brendon acquired an in-depth and widespread knowledge of all facets of Policing. He has extensive experience in Criminal Investigation including complex covert investigations, managing covert Physical Surveillance operations and general ‘first response’ policing. He worked in the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Investigation Team and was seconded to the Australian Crime Commission. He is the recipient of the NSW Police medal for diligent and ethical service and the National Service Medal. He has also received numerous commendations for bravery, recognised service and The Juan Carlos Hernandez award.

In 2012, Brendon’s diligent and dedicated service led to him becoming a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He felt the culture of the Police force, embarrassment in coming forward and fear his career would be tarnished, prevented him from using both internal and external health services. He was subsequently discharged from the Force and carried away with him many years of traumatic memories involving human suffering and death. Brendon’s condition also had a significant impact on his family and children and later resulted in the destruction of his marriage.

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