Brendon BullockBrendon was a member of the New South Wales Police force for 15 years earning the rank of Detective Senior Constable. As a former Detective, Brendon acquired an in-depth and widespread knowledge of all facets of Policing. He has extensive experience in Criminal Investigation including complex covert investigations, managing covert Physical Surveillance operations and general ‘first response’ policing. He worked in the NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Investigation Team and was seconded to the Australian Crime Commission. He is the recipient of the NSW Police medal for diligent and ethical service and the National Service Medal. He has also received numerous commendations for bravery, recognised service and The Juan Carlos Hernandez award.

In 2012, Brendon’s diligent and dedicated service led to him becoming a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He felt the culture of the Police force, embarrassment in coming forward and fear his career would be tarnished, prevented him from using both internal and external health services. He was subsequently discharged from the Force and carried away with him many years of traumatic memories involving human suffering and death. Brendon’s condition also had a significant impact on his family and children and later resulted in the destruction of his marriage.

In 2013, troubled by what was unrelenting symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Brendon lapsed into major depression. He attempted to manage his condition by ‘Self-medicating’ with the use of prescription medication and alcohol, forming a dependence of which, he could not cope without. Heavily medicated and intoxicated, He was unable to make rational decisions. Decisions were made on his behalf and he found himself in and out of Psychiatric hospitals.

On the 14th November, 2013 Brendon attempted to take his own life in the backyard of his family home. He was found by his wife and young children clinically deceased. Fortunately, Emergency Services First Responders were quick to respond to his wife’s terrifying screams for help. He was resuscitated at the scene and transported to hospital in a life threatening condition. There, Doctors placed him in an induced coma for four days at which time he was joined by family members. It was not known if he would ever recover to a normal state or a state of irreparable neurological damage. He was brought back to life four days later to the reality of what had done.

Brendon still lives with Chronic Post Traumatic Stress and a Major Depressive Disorder. He has been forced to endure many years of intrusive investigation by Private Investigators acting on behalf of Insurance companies who presumed his claim to be fraudulent, despite overwhelming medical evidence attesting to how affected he became.

To this day, Brendon has found the strength to make significant improvements to his life to better manage his condition. He has recovered from prescription medication abuse and alcoholism, enabling him to make rational and informed decisions.

Brendon’s case has been widely reported in the Australian Media through editorials in prominent newspapers, the Australian Broadcasting Commissions (ABC) Four Corners Report; Insult to Injury and talkback radio stations.

He is passionate about educating both current and former police and the wider community across all Australian States and Territories who are suffering the psychological effects of everyday policing.

Brendon’s Motto is; Live today, for tomorrow to make a difference.



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