Our Vision, Mission & Values


Mentally healthy, happier police.


To enhance the mental health of current and former police officers and their families through the provision of an independent, practical, highly confidential and professional support service, provided by people with significant policing experience.


At Blue HOPE, we live and breathe these values – they are highly important to us, they are who we are and define our DNA. Our team are grounded and centred around these values, and they illuminate the path for us as we work with each other, our partners and our communities to raise awareness and enhance the mental health of current and former police in Australia.

  1. We are fiercely independent, uncompromising in our need to remain separate to policing organisations.
  2. Our clients are the lifeblood of our organisation, their emotional wellbeing and right to anonymity and confidentiality is central to all we do.
  3. Our policing experience makes us unique, we have walked the walk, and therefore connect with empathy.
  4. We listen, and we act. We enthusiastically shine the light on the unique mental health needs that commonly trouble or distress police everywhere.
  5. We walk beside our clients with our focus on a future that preserves life, provides dignity and pride in our past, but opens doors for new opportunities, new direction and new hope for the future.


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