Announcing that the Force is with us!

We are pleased to announce that Force Financial Services has selected Blue HOPE as their charity of choice.

Force Financial is headed up by Adrian Feltham, a former WAPOL member with 27 years experience in the mortgage industry. Adrian and his team specialise in home mortgages as well as refinancing and debt consolidation solutions specifically for police officers and their families.

We encourage you to check them out. You can also contact them on 1300 772 825 or via email at

To learn more about Adrian, check out our Q&A below:

1. What made you go into policing? 

I’d left high school in Perth not knowing what I wanted to do – the one thing I did know was that I didn’t want to study any more. After heading to the UK I got homesick and returned home. I applied and 6 weeks later was in and at the Academy. Had my 20th birthday there and hit the streets having just achieved the minimum age requirement. I’ve always had a pretty strong sense of what’s wrong and what’s right, and was happy to be apprehending those who were engaged in the former.

2. What’s your best memory as a cop? 

The camaraderie – and the similar mindset that everyone has. One thing I think everyone misses when they leave the job is the people they leave behind. That, and the need to only give or receive instructions once – no voting, no tree-hugging, no straw polls to see how many people are in favour or aren’t. Just do it! Not quite the same in other work environments!

3. What was your toughest day on the job?

Notifications and suicides were always tough days – hated getting “that call” which meant we were the ones who had to drive to someone’s house and tell them somebody close to them wasn’t coming home.  Suicides – particularly at home and with young children being left behind – always stayed with me. I can still remember every one I attended, even 25-30 years later.

4. Why did you leave to change careers?

At the time, there was no “promotion on merit” – whoever had the lowest regimental number i.e. whoever wanted a vacancy and had been in the job the longest, got it. Things have changed a lot now, but back then that was a big disincentive for anyone with ambition. I had a lot of jaded sergeants who were counting the days until they retired and I was determined that wasn’t going to be me – and I was offered a role with a financial services company at twice the money, normal office hours and with a company car – so to cut a long story short, I took it.

5. Why have you set up Force Financial?

I stumbled across some members in WA who were seeking sponsorship for a Kokoda Trail trek – I was happy to help. They were talking about Blue HOPE and put me in touch with Blue HOPE’s co-founder Bruce Graydon. After chatting with Bruce, I thought Force Financial Services was the best way forward on a couple of fronts:

It lets me deal with a lot of people who have the same outlook and attitude that I miss from my own days in the job
It genuinely gives members (and family, friends, acquaintances) access to someone who is in their corner and who has spent nearly 30 years keeping dollars where they belong – in clients’ pockets and out of bank coffers
Word of mouth in the job is strong – sometimes there’s not much else to talk about on a quiet nightshift – so I was hopeful that would serve us well, and by linking our desire to donate up to $1,000 to Blue HOPE for every new client we assist, I hoped that word of mouth would be even stronger
I genuinely believe that police, teachers and nurses should be paid double what they currently are – that’s never going to happen, no matter how often governments spruik health, education and law & order at election time. So this is one way I know of keeping meaningful amounts of money in the pockets of those who deserve it

6. Tell us a bit about Force Financial?

Force Financial Services (no, the initials aren’t an accident!) – is a “specialised” part of Smart Mortgage Services. Smart is a large brokerage I run that helps everybody else. By creating a specialised brand for assisting police service members, I knew we could deliver a specialised message, to a unique audience. Members don’t have time or patience for “sales people”, spin or general BS – I never did, and still don’t. They just want the facts straight from someone they trust, and then they’ll then decide which way to act. We like to think to think we’re that trusted source.

7. Why is it important to you that your business support’s BlueHOPE?

Aside from the genuine desire to give something back to members, I think it’s a two-way street. Many of the members we speak with are yet to become familiar with Blue HOPE’s great work, and we can raise awareness of the brilliant support BH provides while we’re assisting members around the country with better mortgages. Also, a great many members who are already familiar with BH, won’t know about Force Financial, will likely still think that the main 4 banks are competitive places to have a mortgage, and will hopefully learn of us via their knowledge of Blue HOPE. It’s a cliché, but it’s a win-win-win. Always the best outcome.

8. Do you have a tip for policing families on the best thing they can do to secure their financial futures?

Fine-tuning a mortgage can often have the same effect as receiving a big pay rise – who wouldn’t investigate a big pay rise if all it took was one phone call? Don’t be afraid to call us at any time – there’s no sales, no hype, no hidden agenda – just honest advice from an experienced team. If someone already has something great set up, we’ll be the first to tell them so. On the other hand, if we can save them a few thousand dollars a year because what they have isn’t as good as it could be – we’ll fix that.

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