Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue HOPE?

Blue HOPE is an external, anonymous source of mental health support for current and former Police Officers and their immediate families. Blue HOPE is run by current and former Cops and we are inherently aware of both internal and external pressures that affect Cops everywhere.

The cornerstone on which Blue HOPE has been built is that we truly care. We are not governed by HR Manuals, Insurance Costs or a bottom line. We firmly believe that each and every Police Officer is a hero and as such, we will move heaven and earth to provide appropriate in-person support.

What does ‘mental health support’ mean?

Starting with a simple email or phone call, Blue HOPE is able to provide in-person, real time support at levels varying from a simple chat right through to professional counselling and psychiatric / psychological consultations.

What does ‘external’ mean?

Blue HOPE is fiercely independent and in no way affiliated with any Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) in Australia.

What does ‘anonymous’ mean?

Exactly that. Blue HOPE will not discuss your situation with anyone outside of the organisation (without your permission).

Is Blue HOPE a national organisation?

Yes – Blue HOPE will assist you no matter what state or territory you live in.

How do I contact Blue HOPE?

If you reside in Queensland, you can contact Blue HOPE via our direct hotline – 1300 00 BLUE (1300 00 2583) which we hope to expand more broadly with the help of donations.  Otherwise our Facebook page and our webpage is a national resource for police and their families.

Is Blue HOPE a registered charity?

Yes – Blue HOPE Support Services Ltd is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN: 81604985533, ACN: 604985533).

Are Blue HOPE staff qualified?

Yes – Blue HOPE staff have completed emergency response training recognised as the worlds most widely taught gatekeeper training.  That said, Blue HOPE personnel are not psychologists or psychiatrists, rather we coordinate professional services on your behalf.  In addition, Blue HOPE staff are all experienced Police Officers who have walked the walk.  We understand the unique stresses of policing, the impact that exposure to trauma can have on you and your family and how police culture at times compounds our psychological wounds.   Our experience allows us to empathise, not just sympathise.  In short, we get it.

Who makes the decisions at Blue HOPE?

Blue HOPE is a structured organisation governed by a six (6) person Board of Directors.  The Managing Director manages the operational aspect of the organisation and is ably supported by a team of volunteers who provide on the ground support.  Blue HOPE is also supported by State and Territory Advisory Boards, consisting of current and retired police officers and other professionals who contribute on issues like marketing, financial advice, risk management, HR, media, information technology and legal advice.

Is Blue HOPE a not for profit organisation?

Yes – all monies raised go back into operating costs and funding of support services.

Is Blue HOPE free?

Yes – up to a point. Blue HOPE is committed to providing simple, high quality, low cost assistance at every opportunity. Should you need to speak with one of our qualified psychologists, you should anticipate paying a gap fee dependant on the practitioner.

Is Blue HOPE insured?

Yes, Blue HOPE has professional and public liability insurance.

Can Blue HOPE give me legal advice?

No – Blue HOPE can however put you in contact with arguably Australia’s leading workplace injury / conflict litigator immediately. The first consultation is free – after that, general legal fees /rates may apply.

Can I volunteer for Blue HOPE?

Absolutely – Blue HOPE are always in the process of organising fundraisers or attending to varying support functions that support our core function – Helping Out Police Everywhere. It should be noted though that this type of work is not for everyone. We deal regularly with people in varying levels of crisis which can be extremely confronting and challenging. Accordingly, we can always use like minded individuals to assist with all sorts of things… can you help?


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