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There are over 60,000 police officers in Australia. Help us help them, by contributing $60 per year. Join the SiXTY4SiXTY Squad.

Some officers have been serving their community for a long time, some are relatively young with years of service in front of them. All will be exposed to trauma. The truth is, every single operational police officer will at some point experience more trauma in a single eight hour shift than most people will see in a lifetime. Most officers have a multitude of days like this in their operational life.

Blue HOPE wants to look after them with the kind of personal, professional & confidential support that they deserve. SiXTY4SiXTY aims to raise sufficient funds to establish a Blue HOPE presence in every state and territory in Australia. All we are seeking is the equivalent to one cup of coffee a month! If you think you can pass on one coffee each month to support Australian Police, then you are in the right place!

Your donation will allow us to employ staff to open up our anonymous hotline (1300 00 BLUE) to provide support to police right around Australia. Our long term plans include employing staff in every state and territory to provide our unique service to police, former police, and their families.

What makes Blue HOPE unique? We are staffed by professionals with significant policing experience. We have a portfolio of psychologists who are former police. Our call takers are all former police. Our volunteers (Backup Buddies) are both current and former police. We know the culture. We know the stresses. We have walked the walk. Don’t forget that your donations are all tax deductible! Click here to make your choice.

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