Groups 4 Life is a Blue HOPE initiative aimed at providing peer support via lived experience in a group environment in as many locations as possible around Australia.

About the Groups 4 Life Program

We know that when a police officer is struggling with mental health problems they often withdraw from the world, becoming isolated with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. They may also find it hard to socialise and in some cases struggle to leave the house and engage in the world. They can also feel very alone, believing that nobody will understand what they are going through. This is very evident in police officers struggling with PTSD.

We also know that leaving the police can be inherently distressing. Leaving the job that we love is tough. We miss the work, our colleagues and the pure enjoyment of being a police officer. Being a copper forms a large part of our identity so when we lose that it can feel like we have lost our identity and our purpose.

Our goal with Groups 4 Life is to help bring these men and women back into a healthy, supportive group environment where the group members look after and watch over each other. Research tells us that when a person engages within a healthy and supportive group environment to which they identify; their mental and physical health improves dramatically.  This is true of every demographic every studied.

Importantly, the responsibility for the group members is shared by the group. So if someone needs a break, the group continues to run. Likewise, if someone needs help in a crisis, the group rallies in support. There is considerably less stress placed on group members so the potential for negative outcomes are greatly reduced.

Where and when will program be held?

The first program will be delivered in our Blue Hope Brisbane Facility over a weekend to be announced in 2019.

What about other regions and states?

From October, we will begin to travel around the country to deliver the program in as many regional areas as possible and in as many states as we can get to before Christmas.


Courses commence in Brisbane in early 2019. Interstate courses will held in each Capital City and major Regional Cities in the following months. If you are a former police officer with over 7 years policing experience please complete the Expression of Interest form below:

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