Helping out police everywhere

1,000,000 people commit suicide worldwide each year. Suicides in Australia outnumber deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

Police suicide is much higher than the general population (18.1/100,000 v 12/100,000). The depth of the problem is unknown. Former members who suicide are not recorded as police suicides, although PTSD is often the trigger.

Between 2001 & 2014, 63 serving Australian Police Officers died by suicide, yet research suggests that only four (4) had reached out for help.

Why is that?

We believe that Police often struggle ‘connecting’ with external support services who simply can’t understand.  Internally, Police are often reluctant to speak up about their issues because of the stigma attached and a fear that it will have a negative impact on career aspirations.

We suspect many have simply suffered in silence, in some cases with catastrophic consequences.

Blue HOPE was created to fill that void, to provide Police everywhere with another option that may be more appealing when they are in crisis.  If that’s you, we are hear to help so read on.

Reach out.  Today.


Outcomes for the Welfare of Police Officers

  • To improve the support system for the mental health of Police Officers throughout Australia;
  • To educate Police Officers about their rights and choices;
  • To improve outcomes for Police Officers by providing an anonymous alternative to internal support options;
  • To raise awareness in the general community regarding mental health issues faced by Police Officers;
  • To actively work to support Police Officers and their families in coping with emotional, physical, or psychological illnesses and ailments as a result of their work and day to day lives;
  • To prevent and minimise the impacts of self-harm, substance abuse, harmful gambling and other psychological additions on Police Officers and their families and former Police Officers and their families;
  • To reduce the number of suicides of serving and former Police Officers and to minimise the effects of suicide on serving and former Police Officers and their families, friends and the general community.


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