Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident- what are my obligations?

Have you been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident? If so you may have rights to compensation for injuries received or property damaged obtained.  Each State has different laws and regulations which cover this area of law and require specific advice however, our Legal Services Director Sam Sciacca has provided the following information to help you protect your rights.


  • Provide your name and that of the owner if not you, to anyone involved in the accident, including other drivers or people who are hurt, or their property damaged and that you receive the same information from the other parties;
  • Report the accident if someone is hurt to the Police Service (within 24 Hours if they don’t attend the accident) as you will need the report number for yourself if you have to bring a claim for compensation;
  • If safe, clear the road of wreckage.


  • Don’t admit liability, and sign nothing;
  • If like most of us you have a camera (eg on your phone), take photos of the accident scene, including the position of the vehicles and damage to the cars;
  • When you have collected your thoughts make a hand drawing of the accident and show with arrows the direction of each vehicle involved
    Make notes of what occurred, and any comments made by anyone else involved;
  • Get any witnesses contact details;
  • Contact your insurer to tell them about your accident;
  • If you are hurt go to the Emergency or see your GP, and take photos of your injuries if you are able and;

Most important of all is CALL OPTIMUM LEGAL on 07 3228 8400 or email for a free, no obligation first consultation to discuss the accident and your legal rights.

Sam Sciacca

Director – Legal Services


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