Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Blue HOPE. We are excited about what lies ahead and we would love to have you join us as part of the Blue HOPE family.

We have a number of volunteering categories. Feel free to register for them all or choose one specifically to suit your interest and skills.

Regional Support Coordinators

This role is designed for unique individuals who have the time and desire to coordinate Blue HOPE activities in your particular region. These roles require hands-on work and the ability to manage the activities of other volunteers.  We anticipate that you will be a former police officer with a suitable skill set and some time to commit to helping us.

Click here to register your interest.

Fundraising Committee

We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic people to become part of a national fundraising committee.  The committee will report to the Blue HOPE board with respect to the planning and running of fundraising events and activities in each state.  We anticipate that you will have prior experience in a fundraising capacity.

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Peer Support Group Facilitators

Your role will be to coordinate the activities of a Blue HOPE peer support group in your area.  Prior to commencement we will provide you with suitable training. The link below will enable you to register for this training.

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General Volunteering Opportunities

These roles are ideal for anybody who wishes to donate some time to Blue HOPE.  Regardless of your skill set and interest please register your details by clicking the links below.

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If you have any questions please mail us here



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