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Why Blue HOPE?
Because if nothing changes,
nothing changes.

The Directors of Blue HOPE decided to create the change we need to see. For too long, we have all sat by and watched as the policing community collectively make the same mistakes, over and over again. A new approach is required, because if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Blue HOPE was created to provide support to current and former police officers and their families who are suffering with mental health issues. We are independent to all law enforcement agencies and seek to support all police, but especially those police officers who want an alternate to internal supports. Our staff case manage officers and keep in touch personally to encourage and support throughout the process.

Blue HOPE is like no other organisation. We are tailored specifically to current and former police and provide an alternative source of support for officers and their families. Blue HOPE challenges the traditional methods of supporting police. Having served ourselves, we know that police are often reluctant to turn to internal supports for a variety of reasons. Blue HOPE aims to fill that void, offering anonymous, professional and personal support, all coordinated from men and women who bleed blue.


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